Key Markets


Advanced Communications from high speed network hardware and signal processes through to RF / microwave and satellite systems. Also, Consumer electronics and Embedded Systems technology through to modern IoT applications. In addition, specialist Power electronics, Control algorithm development & Electric machines / Motor design.


We particularly thrive within Low carbon technologies & Electric vehicle systems but also connected and autonomous vehicles. In addition, we tackle conventional powertrain and IC Engines, as well as dynamic functional vehicle systems (e.g. Chassis, Suspension) not only for passenger or commercial vehicles but also off-highway machinery and specialist vehicles.

Machinery, Automation & Robotics

Advanced Computer Vision and Machine Learning applications through to Mechatronics systems, PLC controlled systems, Production and Packaging Machinery and Capital Equipment.

Medical Devices & Scientific Instrumentation

Sophisticated analysis and diagnostic systems involving highly regulated and safety critical systems design experience through to high volume manufactured disposable products. Also laboratory based scientific instrumentation and research equipment, fibre optic sensing systems through to medical imaging.

Aerospace & Defence Systems

From structural airframe design and analysis, through to complex aerodynamics and fluid systems. Also, advanced military communications, sensing and electronic warfare systems to Naval command, control and communication equipment.

Services & Markets

We have a full spectrum of industry knowledge, deployable resources and client partnerships.

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