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Our team has over 30 years of experience within technology and engineering recruitment.

We have a global reach, proven capabilities and good sense of humour too. Below is a selection of case studies, stories and comments about some of our successes.

  • The China Story

    The China Story

    The Chinese market is of course huge and significant investment into infrastructure, transport networks and transport technologies has attracted engineering companies from all over the World. The demand for knowledge and experience around certain industry areas, in this case automotive, has attracted and helped create pockets of ex-pat communities of...

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  • Coaching and communication helps close the deal

    Coaching and communication helps close the deal

    Our, soon to be, candidate was looking for new positions having graduated from University. He had a bit of industry experience but not very much and was looking for guidance on what he could do. The unlikely suspect We approached him about a junior position with an engineering client of...

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  • How CV advice and a flexible attitude helped secure a dream job!

    How CV advice and a flexible attitude helped secure a dream job!

    Sometimes it’s all too easy for employers and recruiters to take a CV at face value and not explore the person behind the document. Assumptions about a person’s background or motivations based on a face-less CV can often lead to missing really great candidates that may have become very capable...

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