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Hydraulic design engineers are notoriously hard to find and there is real demand and shortage within the machinery market so when our client came to us with a need for a senior hydraulic engineer, we jumped at the chance to support them but knew it would require a lot of collaboration, networking and tenacity…and we weren’t wrong!

The course of recruitment doesn’t always run smoothly and this position was a particular challenge given the location of the company in relation to their competitors and the level of experience they were looking for.

We took the role on in September 2018 and arranged a series of interviews over the coming months but no one really hit the right note. Following some creative search campaigns we eventually identified an absolute cracking candidate from the EU who was looking to relocate to the UK.

Marcus Webb Associates set up the introduction and it was safe to say that both the client and the candidate hit it off straight away so we arranged for a UK meeting. The client invested most of their day showing the candidate around the site, meeting the whole team and talking through future business plans, products and the technologies involved.

An offer was made in March 2019 and with a bit of negotiating from Marcus Webb Associates, between the client and candidate, the offer was accepted and after a three-month notice period the engineer relocated and started in July 2019.

This was a tough project but is a perfect example of where the consultants at Marcus Webb Associates really demonstrate their tenacity, commitment to their clients and ability to deliver when other recruiters give up.

Off the back of this success the client is now engaging Marcus Webb Associates to support challenging roles across their other EU engineering sites.

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