Coaching and communication helps close the deal

Our, soon to be, candidate was looking for new positions having graduated from University. He had a bit of industry experience but not very much and was looking for guidance on what he could do.

The unlikely suspect

We approached him about a junior position with an engineering client of ours close by. However, following a first read through the job specification he dismissed it and did not feel he had the right skills.

Coaching and confidence boost!

With some support from our consultant at Marcus Webb who talked him through the company, role and responsibilities he decided he would give it a go.

With some preparation and coaching to help boost his confidence he interviewed with the company and was by far the best candidate they had seen. He was subsequently offered the role which he jumped at having met them and is now doing a fantastic job in the engineering team.

Its good to talk

This just reiterates how important it is to have someone in the middle who understands what the client wants, what the candidate can do and can marry the two together – how many clients miss out on great talent because candidates dismiss the opportunity based on the job specification alone!? How many candidates lose out on great companies because their job specification is not engaging or reaching the right talent pool?

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