Big Milestones

21st March 2019

It’s been just over three years since Marcus Webb Associates starting trading. We have come a long way in that time and learned a lot about what it takes to run and grow a small business. Also, what it takes to hire, train and develop staff for ourselves as well as develop nurture and grow our network of candidates and clients.

For a year we have been based in our third office overlooking the water’s edge of the Solent at Southampton. It’s a great place to be and sometimes looking at the cruise ships go by we are reminded of the hard work but how rewarding it’s been.

During the past three years we have witnessed Katherine Smallwood pass her 10 years anniversary within recruitment. Also, owner and founder, Marcus O’Donnell, has passed his 20 years anniversary within recruitment. Some fantastic milestones along the way indeed.

With over 100 people offered jobs so far and over 3 continents we truly feel out little business can make a difference to any client that we engage with. It takes good humour, persistence and resilience to last in recruitment this long after all…. And most of the time these are the traits needed to fulfil the toughest tasks.

We are looking forward to expanding the team in 2019 and helping others to enjoy our success going forwards.

What will the next three years bring?

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