PPMA Show 2019

29th October 2019

The PPMA show is one of the biggest gatherings of packaging and process machinery companies in the UK.

As this was our first time visiting, excitement was very high and the show did not disappoint. The hall was filled to the brim with automated filling and sealing equipment, funky robotic arms moving boxes around, conveyor belts and state of the art vision systems ensuring no ‘nasties’ end up on our dinner plates! The hot topic of the show was of course the issues facing the planet around plastic packaging and it was certainly eye-opening discussing this with people that deal with the problem every day.

We were able to meet some very innovative companies and catch up with current clients and see their machines in all their glory which really helps us to understand the technology and the applications when selling opportunities to prospective employees.

In amongst the excitement we came across a company doing their bit to attract youngsters into engineering by developing a vehicle to break the land speed record which was being tested the following week. We were invited to have a play on their simulator and bar a few wobbly turns, managed to break a few records of our own!

All in all a really fascinating and fun show that we would highly recommend visiting; not to mention all the yummy goodies you can come away with from the food processing companies!

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