Supporting the community, Hamble Primary School

13th September 2019

Supporting the community is something Marcus Webb feels passionately about. Recently, Marcus Webb has donated several Barney and Echo books to Hamble Primary School.

Barney and Echo books are written by The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain and have been concepted by the police officers’ experience when working with young people in their local communities.

The chosen book donated from the collection is ‘The Bad Apples’. It focuses on a range of issues including, loud and aggressive behaviour, bullying, stealing, littering and vandalism. The book aims to help children deal with peer pressure and encourages them to respect others in a format that is fun with interactive support.

This avenue to provide important life skills and citizenship values can impact the lives and decisions made by young people.

To find out more about Barney and Echo books and how you can offer support, please visit

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