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We have said before that the internet has made the World a small place. It is easy to search for and locate businesses and services from mobile devices and desktop PCs but there really is no substitute for a hearty recommendation or referral based on trust and a healthy professional relationship.

Sharing knowledge from within our network can help candidates and clients alike to form new partnerships and win new opportunities. Giving useful advice, a steer in the right direction and offering help are all part of our everyday activities as recruiters. Of course, we hope to receive mutual benefit but enjoy the idea of businesses and professionals progressing and succeeding with our helping hands.

Over the past few years this has involved helping subcontract manufacturers talk to product developers, consultancies to reach new clients and on numerous occasions of course we have offered advice to candidates to help them with their next step.
If we can help, then we will. If we can’t, then perhaps we know somebody that can… try us!

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